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Ridley Pearson AND Dave Barry? Be Serious.

Oh we are serious. Serious as a heart-attack, or... a super serious person. BOTH Ridley Pearson AND Dave Barry. BOTH AT THE SAME TIME. Be there, or be square.

Know Your Bookseller! Elizabeth from Alameda

Elizabeth is the consummate bookseller. She's like the Gandolf of children's lit... which isn't to say she's a wizard (although we've heard rumors). Just super adept. With her eye for the lush and focus on the classics, Elizabeth can help you whip your child's bookshelf into ship-shape.

Know Your Bookseller! Tracy from Books Inc. Alameda

Meet Tracy! Tracy is a lifelong bookseller and general awesome person. She doesn't typically introduce herself as such, but since we get to write her bio while she's not looking we'll go ahead and give you the truth: Tracy is fantastic. She knows books upside down and inside out, and can help you find the right middle grade or young adult novel for even the most picky of readers. We are extremely fortunate here at Books Inc. to have Tracy on our team. 
Also, she makes a mean carrot soup. That's not relevant to her book knowledge, that's just cool. And delicious.

Tickets On Sale Thursday!

Call or visit Books Inc. Alameda... they are your ONLY source for tickets to this fabulous event!
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